Monday, June 21, 2010

If you or someone you know appreciates beer, you should try and make your own beer. It does not really matter if you are an expert brewer or just learning how to brew. It is a great pleasure brewing beer, and with a home brew kit - it's easier than ever to get started.

These brew kits must be chosen with care depending on the type and style of beer you want to brew. Even if you are choosing a kit to give as a gift, it is essential choosing the right kind depending on the favorite brew of the brewer.

Beer ingredient kits come in three main categories namely all-grain kits, extract with grain kits and extract-malt kits. If you are just a beginner, then it is highly recommended to choose the malt extract kits as they are easier to handle and user friendly. With these kits, you do not have to struggle with any technicality related to mashing the grains in a proper manner.

Mashing is a process where the starch in the grains is converted to sugar. This sugar is used by the yeast to make alcohol. Most home brewing kits are tailored to brew basic beers such as brown ales, red ales, stouts, porters and pale ales. In extract kits - you do not need to mash as the extract is already the sugars derived from the grain.

With the help of the extract with grains kit, home brewers can experiment with mini-mashing the grains. The sweet malt extract ensures superb quality and great tasting beer. With this home brew kit, you can experiment with a variety of subtle flavors by mini mashing. You can use specialty malts to add in exact flavors.

If you are a highly dedicated home brewer, then you may want to step up to the all-grain brewing kits. These home brewing kits require additional home brewing equipment for mashing and sparging the grains properly. The beer you will be brewing with these kits will contain a variety of grains skillfully integrated to offer that unique and precise taste.

Different types of home brewing kits come with different equipment. Most kits do contain the bottle caps and priming sugar. No kits include bottles. If you have to make a gift package with smaller kits, make sure to note if the kit contains the bottle caps and priming sugar or if you should purchase them separately.

Home brew kits are usually available at local home brew shop. They can also be ordered online on any of the sites offering a variety of tools and brewing equipments such as bottle brush, starter kits that are offered with fermenting vessels and other tools.


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